Studio at the Yale Norfolk School of Art

Studio at the Yale Norfolk School of Art

Artist Statement

Throughout history, power has always belonged to those whose stories are heard and believed. I work to challenge the cross-cultural mythologies of my identity by interweaving personal narrative with tropes of woman as victim, seductress, and liar.

Ghosts serve as my visual and conceptual means in understanding psychosomatic trauma and cyclical consequences of violence. The images, objects, and media that I create always involve the body as I explore the ambiguity between memory and fantasy, shame and desire, pleasure and power. The fragmentation and layers of my work represent how trauma collapses the perception of time, so that the past always feels present.

What happens to the woman who stops looking at herself? Does she disappear? It is not easy to trade masks for mirrors, but I have experienced for myself the impact that people can have just by telling the truth about who they are. As stories of the marginalized gain visibility we are made vulnerable, but I believe the source of our pain is also the source of our power.

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